Pure sound comes from the Manron speakers. Nothing else. Pure sound. Let yourself go. Feel the music just as it is. Feel the passion and the professionalism.  Those two words reflect the philosophy of Manron.

Mutual passion together with the experience of each of us allowed us to create Manron quality that have unique sound quality and exceptional esthetics.

For over 40 years we have been gaining experience in the world of high quality sound. Now, we are excited to share what we have learned with you. The abundant offer of good quality sound systems made us go one step further. We designed absolutely unique sets of speakers with artistic appearance and warm and detailed timbre. There is only pure sound coming from the Manron speakers.

However, we were still not entirely satisfied. We found out, that there is no sound systems that would take into account your personal musical and esthetic preferences, quality tailored-made for unique preferences. That inspired us to create audio system on demand, configurated exactly according to your personal needs. Now we are able to share our passion with You.

Emotions. Without them there is no sound, without them there is no passion, without them there is no professionalism. Our speakers and amplifiers are created to help you find it and bring it out. Manron will lead you to the world available to very few people.

We invite you to the world of unique sound, quality and incredible esthetic experiences.

Krzysztof Szmit, creator of the Manron brand.