Designed by request,
fine-tuned by ear

Pure sound comes from the Manron speakers. Nothing else.
Thanks to our tube systems you can feel the natural, unprocessed sound.
Discover the music anew.

Passion and professionalism. Those two words reflect the philosophy of Manron.
Mutual passion, together with the experience, allowed us to create the Manron audio equipment with an exceptional sound quality and unique aesthetics.

“I listen carefully”



Krzysztof <br/>Szmit

For over 40 years, we have been gaining experience in the world of highquality sound. Now, we are excited to share what we have learned, with you. The abundant offer of good quality sound systems pushed us to make a step ahead. We designed absolutely unique sets of speakers with artistic appearance and warm, detailed timbre.

However, we were still not entirely satisfied. We found that there is no sound system, which would reflect the individual, musical and aesthetic preferences of our unique clients. This inspired us to create an audio system on demand exclusively, configured and fine-tuned according to your personal needs. The tailor-made products’ quality. Now, we are able to share our professionalism and passion with everyone, personally.

We are inviting you to the world of unique, soft and soothing Manron’s sound experiences.