Power Cable

Power Cable

1,8 m

Manron ™ cables are made of oxygen-free copper with an insulating layer of high-quality plastics.
Manual soldering and cable processing ensure perfect connection quality. X-ray tests of solder joints showed no solder defects. A braid is used in the power and speaker cables, which effectively eliminates interference and mutual influence of cables. Signal cables have terminal plugs as standard, which ensures perfect contact between the socket and plug connections. The cable used has a densely braided shielding braid, which protects the signal wire against any interference.

All cables are manufactured by "cable-makers" to our order, in accordance with the detailed specification of parameters, which is the company's secret.
Power, loudspeaker and signal cables, before confectioning, undergo a process of initial "shaping" with currents of various values ​​and frequencies.

Cables so formed immediately meet the expectations of demanding audiophiles. Thanks to many years of experience of RedsMusic, which produces all cables for Manron ™, we have created a unique composition of excellent cables, which, apart from quality, are distinguished by affordable prices for their performance.