audio high end solution


The dynamic,
silk sound

For over 40 years we have been gaining experience in the world of high quality sound.
Now, we are excited to share what we have learned with you.
The abundant offer of good quality sound systems made us go one step further.
We designed absolutely unique sets of speakers with artistic appearance and warm and detailed timbre.

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We design
for you

We specialize in the design of the audio systems, created individually on request, with the use of top quality materials and the parts provided by our proven foreign manufacturers.

the manron

The top quality of our products is guaranteed by the components from the well-known, selected suppliers and the quality controls at the every single stage of production.


First of all, listen,
Come to our place and listen – we have prepared a cosy listening room to provide the best experience. We can also bring the audio equipment to you, so that you could discover music anew, the way it sounds in your very own space.

Would you want to try one album after another, rediscovering your entire music collection? This is the experience shared by our Clients, when they begin the adventure with our tube systems.
In the world dominated by the solid-state amplifiers, used in smartphones or video, there is still a distinct place for the tubes. An ‘A’ class tube amplifier may bring the pleasure given by music to the whole new level.


The sound

There’s been a research on the qualities of tube systems, indicating that they may enhance our pleasure of listening to music. The reason for this is the characteristic of the tube-generated-sounds’ harmonics, which alleviate the tension and improve our well-being.

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